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Flexible mobile SIM only cards

  1. All our mobile SIM cards have unlimited minutes to all 01, 02 and mobile numbers.
  2. Unlimited text messages.
  3. Different data packages from 2GB upwards.
  4. We offer ‘shared’ data packages, often making good savings.
  5. Use your phone abroad (EU) with your existing UK package. Countries outside the EU – use your UK package but there is a small additional daily charge.
  6. Easy to order, select which data package suits yourself, email to ourselves and connectivity with 24hours.
  7. Number porting if necessary – we take care of that for you.
  8. SIM only cards with a data only package if required.
  9. Use your old phone.
  10. 30-day contract terms on all SIM only packages.

Monthly mobile plan with handset

UK-IT Ltd can offer any type of mobile phone, that can be used with the above SIM card offering.

Payment plans can be tailored to suit your company.

All the advantages of the above along with brand new mobile handsets.

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